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Chapter I is a collection based on principals and permanence; a collection that has respect for our origins and eyes on our future. With an unwavering focus on the importance of material longevity and covetability these are pieces that will outlast us all. 

Using diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, Lucy’s designs are crafted in 9kt and 14kt recycled gold. While the silhouettes and shapes are timeless, each has its own modern point of difference and has been designed to sit seamlessly with those jewels you already own. These are classic but remarkable pieces that can’t help but draw attention; that invite – but never scream for – a second stolen glance.

For Chapter I, Lucy considered those stolen glimpses and the shadows that our loved ones see – the meaningful shapes of memory that become the signature of our being.  It might be the way your mouth turns up when you smile or that mole that has always been there, but equally it’s the things we choose to adorn ourselves with, the ones that melt seamlessly into the way we express ourselves; that we’re wearing even when we’re wearing nothing else.  For Lucy the pulse of designing this collection was to create jewels that feel as though they have always been there. That become indistinguishable from who you are.