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Chains and Necklaces

Chains and Necklaces

From exclusively designed custom trombone link chains to hand strung beaded strands to specially sourced classic styles made in the UK Lucy has curated a selection of her most favourite chains.  With access to a myriad options, use the below as a guide and feel free to contact us directly if you're looking for something specific or bespoke to you.

31 products

Twisted Link Short ChainTwisted Link Short Chain
Twisted Link Short Chain Sale price$9,372.00
Siren NecklaceSiren Necklace
Siren Necklace Sale price$15,620.00
Persephone NecklacePersephone Necklace
Persephone Necklace Sale price$19,134.00
Graduated Curb Link NecklaceGraduated Curb Link Necklace
Graduated Curb Link Necklace Sale price$17,182.00
Persephone Diamond NecklacePersephone Diamond Necklace
Persephone Diamond Necklace Sale price$24,796.00
Baby Persephone Diamond NecklaceBaby Persephone Diamond Necklace
The Gold Muff ChainThe Gold Muff Chain
The Gold Muff Chain Sale price$8,201.00
The Diamond Muff ChainThe Diamond Muff Chain
The Diamond Muff Chain Sale price$8,201.00
Baby Persephone NecklaceBaby Persephone Necklace
Baby Persephone Necklace Sale price$10,739.00
Smokey StrandsSmokey Strands
Smokey Strands Sale price$2,539.00
Emerald StrandsEmerald Strands
Emerald Strands Sale price$4,296.00
Medium Weight Belcher ChainMedium Weight Belcher Chain
Medium Weight Belcher Chain Sale price$4,296.00
Signature Trombone Link ChainSignature Trombone Link Chain
Signature Trombone Link Chain Sale price$7,810.00
Phrenite StrandsPhrenite Strands
Phrenite Strands Sale price$2,343.00
Heavy Belcher ChainHeavy Belcher Chain
Heavy Belcher Chain Sale price$8,786.00
Diamond Albert ClipDiamond Albert Clip
Diamond Albert Clip Sale price$1,855.00
The Diamond ConnectionThe Diamond Connection
The Diamond Connection Sale price$2,929.00
The Diamond ConnectionThe Diamond Connection
The Diamond Connection Sale price$2,929.00
The Blue Sapphire ConnectionThe Blue Sapphire Connection
The Blue Sapphire Connection Sale price$1,562.00
The Gold Connection
The Gold Connection Sale price$879.00
The Ruby ConnectionThe Ruby Connection
The Ruby Connection Sale price$1,562.00
The Emerald ConnectionThe Emerald Connection
The Emerald Connection Sale price$1,562.00
Figaro Chain
Figaro Chain Sale price$1,738.00
Gold Curb Chain
Gold Curb Chain Sale price$1,270.00
The Lucky One Emerald NecklaceThe Lucky One Emerald Necklace
The Lucky One Emerald Necklace Sale price$32,216.00
The Lucky One Blue Sapphire Rivieré NecklaceThe Lucky One Blue Sapphire Rivieré Necklace
The Lucky One Diamond NecklaceThe Lucky One Diamond Necklace
The Lucky One Diamond Necklace Sale price$44,906.00
The Lucky One Crossover Gold Bar Lariat NecklaceThe Lucky One Crossover Gold Bar Lariat Necklace
The Lucky One Gold Bar Necklace
The Lucky One Gold Bar Necklace Sale price$15,229.00
Lemon Quartz StrandsLemon Quartz Strands
Lemon Quartz Strands Sale price$2,539.00
Carnelian StrandsCarnelian Strands
Carnelian Strands Sale price$3,124.00