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Article: India Cardona

India Cardona

The Coven is a regular content series profiling interesting, fun, intelligent women who Lucy admires and respects for myriad reasons. The Coven allows them to speak about their projects, their work, their passions; it also allows them to speak about their friends - their own Coven of women and in turn to offer those women a name, a voice, in a room of opportunity.


Today we meet India Cardona of The India Edit - content creator, consultant and photographer.


India wears the Twisted Link chain with Gold T-Bar pendant, Twisted link bracelet and Twisted Diamond Rope ring.  Gold ear cuffs and Twisted Rope bracelet

LD: India, you’ve been such a fantastic ambassador for my jewellery over recent months and I was just thrilled to photograph and interview you at home wearing some of my jewels.  I loved seeing how you styled them and the pieces you were drawn to.  Please can you tell us about yourself, your background and where you are in your career right now - there has been a lot of change in the last 12 months I think!

IC: There has indeed! Personally, I recently got married so I am enjoying life as a newlywed living in London with my husband. Professionally, I left my ‘day job’ at a US tech-company at the end of last year to pursue content creation and other creative endeavours full-time. Wedding planning took up a lot of time too!
I share snippets of my life on my Instagram, @theindiaedit, sharing fashion, travel, interiors and lifestyle content. I also do some consulting and photography work with brands. Right now I am enjoying working on a variety of projects and being open to opportunities coming my way.

LD: Tell us all about what’s coming up this year - what are you excited about?

During the wedding planning process I was able to do some design work, which I loved. I designed my wedding dress with The Own Studio and also tied in a homewares collaboration with Bias Editions.

LD: What are the peaks and the troughs of running your own business?

I love the freedom to plan my schedule as I wish, however perhaps sometimes I could do with more structure! It also means that there are few boundaries when it comes to work and play - the lines are very blurred and to an extent you are always ‘on’. It can be quite relentless. I love the opportunities and the ability to say yes to things without having to get time off or ask someone else. I’ve been able to do things and meet people that I’d never have dreamt of, and that is endlessly exciting.

LD: The Coven is a celebration of the relationships that define us - it’s a chance for us to highlight and to thank our crew that have been there for the personal and the professional moments.  It’s also a way for us to support those to have supported us along the way.  Can you talk about 3-5 friends, mentors, colleagues, other founders that you’d like to share.  What is it that they are doing that’s exciting or different.  How have they helped you along the way?  What was the advice they gave you?  What are they doing that you want to “shout their name in a room full of opportunities”

I am forever inspired by the women around me - it was so special to have my group of Bridesmaids come together throughout the last year. They are all so thoughtful and loving. I’ll highlight a few of them -
My sister Tara - she was a big influence in my own decision to go freelance, as she made the decision just months before me and that encouraged me to take the leap and hand in my notice. She works for a number of businesses, including my own and she brings so much energy to all she does.
My friend Mads - Mads founded an incredible business called Studio Bust. Using 3D scanning and printing technology they create small sculptures (busts) of women’s bodies that are a totally realistic representation of that moment in time. I love how it celebrates the female form - I’ve had friends get busts to mark milestone birthdays or pregnancies. They are so special and her branding is gorgeous.
My friend Leila - Leila is an incredible events planner. She works both for Rixo and freelance and I don’t know anyone as thoughtful and creative as her. I was so lucky to have her on hand to help me with wedding decisions and she also came up with so many amazing ideas for my hen party.
I now wish I could list them all, but I will stop there!

LD:How does it feel when you’re with your Coven?

Joyful, fuzzy and contented

LD:How does jewellery make you feel?  Can you talk us through why you were drawn to the pieces you wore?

Complete! I feel so naked without it. I loved the Twisted Link chain I chose for the shoot so much that I had to buy it. I know I will treasure it forever and I’ve hardly taken it off since. To me, jewellery really becomes ‘part of the furniture’. I love how the LD pieces are so classic, but with a fresh take - I’ve never seen a chain with twist detail like the one I chose and I think the shorter length is so chic. I love that over time I can add to it with charms and layering other chains.

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