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Many Founders will start their brand story with a tale about a life-long obsession, conviction or vision.  This story doesn't start that way.

It starts with failure.  With a failure to find the 'right' thing; the 'right' career; the 'right' role and with a frustration at never quite realising an illusive destiny.  Spending too much time with that uncomfortable, sticky feeling that nothing was quite what it should be.  Throughout the ups and downs, the doubt and the changes, the constant thread has always been jewellery.

Lucy Delius Jewellery has been born both from an inherrent desire to create and as a response to the lack of affordable fine jewellery available in the market today.  Leveraging precious connections from previous experience with Demi-fine and fine jewellery brands, pieces are made in India and Thailand by workshops that are part of the responsible jewellery council.  Lucy is also able to offer a bespoke, handmade service here in London.

Like many founders before her, this new step for Lucy is not really a new step at all.  She brings her expert eye to a world she has long contributed to, observed and moulded from behind the scenes.  The result is a growing collection of striking jewels that speak for us when words are not needed.