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A Siren's Call

A Siren's Call

Persephone’s winged sirens are one of the enduring images of Greek mythology. Beautiful, wild and savage, they ravaged men to avenge their absent mistress.  With the concoction of sea, seduction and song the sirens lured passing sailors to shore, the men aware of the fate that awaited them yet unable to resist such fatal charms. 

It was the combination of this tale and sentiment that served as the inspiration behind Lucy’s latest collection, A Siren’s Call. 

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Persephone Diamond NecklacePersephone Diamond Necklace
Persephone Diamond Necklace Sale price$13,995.00
Persephone Bracelet
Persephone Bracelet Sale price$5,199.00
Persephone NecklacePersephone Necklace
Persephone Necklace Sale price$10,397.00
Baby Persephone Diamond NecklaceBaby Persephone Diamond Necklace
Baby Persephone Diamond BraceletBaby Persephone Diamond Bracelet
Baby Persephone NecklaceBaby Persephone Necklace
Baby Persephone Necklace Sale price$6,328.00
Siren NecklaceSiren Necklace
Siren Necklace Sale price$9,999.00
Siren BraceletSiren Bracelet
Siren Bracelet Sale price$4,530.00
Persephone Diamond Bracelet
Persephone Diamond Bracelet Sale price$8,665.00
Baby Persephone BraceletBaby Persephone Bracelet
Baby Persephone Bracelet Sale price$3,164.00