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The most essential of all ear adornments: hoops and huggies crafted from 14kt recycled gold featuring the signature randomised pavé diamond setting set with black or white rhodium.  Time for a new piercing?

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Dark Side of the Moon EarringsDark Side of the Moon Earrings
Dark Side of the Moon Earrings Sale price$7,198.00
Carre Cut Half HoopsCarre Cut Half Hoops
Carre Cut Half Hoops Sale price$10,661.00
Carre Cut Huggy Hoops
Carre Cut Huggy Hoops Sale price$1,601.00
Signature Pavé Chubby HoopSignature Pavé Chubby Hoop
Signature Pavé Chubby Hoop Sale price$4,800.00
Twisted Diamond Rope Hoops
Twisted Diamond Rope Hoops Sale price$2,000.00
Medium Diamond HoopMedium Diamond Hoop
Medium Diamond Hoop Sale price$1,601.00
Chubby HuggiesChubby Huggies
Chubby Huggies Sale price$3,064.00
Small Diamond HuggiesSmall Diamond Huggies
Small Diamond Huggies Sale price$1,229.00
Small Diamond HuggiesSmall Diamond Huggies
Small Diamond Huggies Sale price$1,229.00
Tiny Diamond HuggiesTiny Diamond Huggies
Tiny Diamond Huggies Sale price$880.00
Twisted Rope Hoop EarringsTwisted Rope Hoop Earrings
Twisted Rope Hoop Earrings Sale price$1,334.00
Twisted Rope HuggiesTwisted Rope Huggies
Twisted Rope Huggies Sale price$733.00
Signature Pavé Ear CuffsSignature Pavé Ear Cuffs
Signature Pavé Ear Cuffs Sale price$8,665.00
Signature Pavé Oval HoopsSignature Pavé Oval Hoops
Signature Pavé Oval Hoops Sale price$8,665.00
Chubby Love Ruby EarringChubby Love Ruby Earring
Chubby Love Ruby Earring Sale price$2,800.00
Chubby Love Diamond EarringChubby Love Diamond Earring
Chubby Love Diamond Earring Sale price$7,330.00
Gold Dust Ear CuffsGold Dust Ear Cuffs
Gold Dust Ear Cuffs Sale price$1,601.00
Emerald Chubby HuggiesEmerald Chubby Huggies
Emerald Chubby Huggies Sale price$1,582.00
Ruby Chubby HuggiesRuby Chubby Huggies
Ruby Chubby Huggies Sale price$1,582.00
Blue Sapphire Chubby HuggiesBlue Sapphire Chubby Huggies
Blue Sapphire Chubby Huggies Sale price$1,582.00
Chubby Hinged Hoop
Chubby Hinged Hoop Sale price$4,614.00